The Fight Is On! Google VS. Hacked Spams And Other Online Nuisances

The Fight is On! Google vs Hacked Spams

Ever since the genesis of the World Wide Web hacking has been a common illness online. It is those coders and programmers who misuse their skills online who have been marring our browsing experience and our personal spaces online, which makes it an annoying problem of search engines like Google especially that most of the things online involves their online platforms and applications. Furthermore, earlier this year one of the leading information technology security company diligently reported to our netizens of their collaboration with Google about the determination of overflowing number of high ranking superficial PDF files on hacked websites.
According to Google’s review of the situation, they have concurred that hacked sites are one of the typical source of online inconsistencies. In order to address this problem the search engine company birthed a help center for all victims of hacking that are still online.
The search engine company senses that the moment to strike back already is afoot, which leads them to launch new algorithm that is designed to catch and eliminate hacked spams in their search results. From here on according to Google, they will robustly exterminating hacked spams so they may safe guard our netizens and webmasters. In addition, Google’s system algorithm innovation may hopefully hit around 5 % of inquiries depending on the language used for it.
Google feels that the time has come to treat this dreadful anomaly, therefore their launching of a new and updated algorithm that is programmed to track down hacked spams in their search results. They are now going to be fiercely shooting down hacked spam in order to defend online users as well as webmasters for that matter. Moreover their system’s algorithm update shall hopefully impact around 5% of queries; of course it is going to be depending upon the language used for it. As the search engine company sort out their new algorithms, netizens may notice that for certain searches, only the highly relevant ones are going to be shown which entails huge reduction of results.

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In connection to the enormous quantity of hacked spam removed, Google is expecting for an improvement. Google also implores webmasters, programmers, and online publishers to express their outlook about it and if they desire they can also broadcast this news just like what we are doing here in Local Top Rank, because like Google we understand that everyone should be knowledgeable of any updates online as well as the reason for these so called updates.

Beware Black Hat SEO! SAPE and Other Deceitful Web Masters Being Penalized.

Sape Back From The Grave

There are rumors going around that the underground linking network SAPE is back and Google is once again, sweeping them to the gutters of lower rank pages. There are numerous black hat SEO discussions about websites using deceitful SEO techniques being gravely penalized. Their once stratospheric high rankings are now mud low.

Fishing Out SAPE Or Penguin Hunting Spree

This incident has already happened before, to those who still remember, way back in March 2013. The underground linking network then quietly reestablished the whole year last year, and is said to be now back – but Google also waited for them patiently with a quick response to their comeback. Google though is not releasing any official statements, so we are really not sure whether they are especially targeting SAPE, or if the drastic drop in rankings of certain websites is an after effect of Penguin’s efficiency.

Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure, as SEO specialists, or as professionals working in this competitive industry, there might be some quick yet dirty techniques that can boost our rankings automatically but you have been forewarned: these rankings would not last. Hence, if you really want a sure boost, it is still better to start from scratch with clean links and hard work. It is definitely more rewarding and the result is long-term. Nothing beats healthy linking and quality content – no matter how much competition there is! 

Three Primary Causes Why Google Favors Responsive Sites

Nowadays our major search engine is gradually improving the netizens online experience. Recently we can observe that desktop browser is also starting to phase out its dominance online as it make way for the most frequently used mobile browser. But of course, desktop browsers are still there, however the attention that the search engine company is giving into it is not that much compared to its younger sibling the mobile browser. Presently, Google is checking the mobile responsiveness of websites based on their search results through different mobile devices with their respective mobile browsers.
This online effort performed by Google is an important insight to all web developers today so they may create websites as well as turn the current websites that they are supporting into a more universally responsive environment for the convenience of the netizens both in mobile and desktop. There are three causes why they have been motivated in making this mobile movement :
#1: Creation Of Mobile Responsive Websites.
Google wants to call out websites that are utilizing Flash and allow virtually appealing websites that are also mobile responsive to take over. In response to that Google will therefore reward mobile responsive websites by increasing their ranking in their search results through mobile and desktop browsers.
#2: Web Developers Must Update Websites As Well As Support The Modern iFrame Embed Method For Videos.
Google implores web developers to update the websites that they are supporting to be updated in accordance to the new iframe embed methods being their standards in applying videos. Being part of Google’s guidelines they want websites to avoid contents that are making use of Flash Players which have repeatedly proven a bother for mobile browsers.
#3: Comfortable User Experience.
Lastly, Google wants to make the netizens more at ease while browsing using their portable digital devices and smartphones particularly to those that have bigger fingers than others. For them websites needs to place links far from each other for an easier tapping.
Local Top Rank is consummates in the creation of mobile responsive websites, and in support to the mobile movement initiated by Google we will make sure that what we are applying to the websites that we are creating are up to the guidelines set-up by the search engine company for the assurance of more online presence to our clientele’s websites.

The Nature Of UX And UI Explained

For many people UX and UI is considered as very technical jargon that is used in the SEO industry for over ten years. If you would chance to overhear these terms used in a conversation it tends to give an impression of technical sophistication to you and would probably make you unceasingly curious. Yet if you would only know its true definition, you will observe that they are rather simple embodiment of a comprehensive function that are mostly applied in the SEO industry and/or flexibly employed outside as well. The purpose of this blog article is for us here in Local Top Rank to briefly explain to you the true nature of UX and UI.

UX And UI As An Anatomy Of Online Experience

Both UX and UI are very important elements in creating different kinds of products and services through the World Wide Web. The perfect explanation of how UX and UI functions is the anatomy and physiology of our body; User Experience or UX works like our body’s organ system that executes tasks that manages synchronization and optimization that works hand-in-hand with excellent coding techniques that holds them in place like a skeleton. User Interface or UI on the other hand attends to a website’s appearance, sensitivity, and reactions to several stimulus or functions.

How Do UX And UI Work?

UX is more in touch with the technical and analytic part of web design. It is mostly used to reach an outstanding customer experience through sites’ user friendly environment, hassle-free use, and lively site interaction. UX’ scope all kinds of web interaction from potential or regular customers to a service provider, content, development, testing and research. You can safely say that it is what back-end webmasters mostly does.

Furthermore, UI is solely absorbed in translating the results of an excellent UX, which lay-it out aesthetically for a complete user satisfaction. It is UI’s responsibility to manifest a brand’s strength and appearance in a more collaborative interface which looks to continuously improve user experience. And just like UX, UI on the other hand is what front-end web masters, content writers, and graphic designers do combined.

Google's AMP-Enabled Search Boosts Easy To Load Content!

Through this blog we want to give you an ephemeral overview to the newest development that Google initiated for us. Through the development made, we may now enjoy convenient online searches using our mobile devices online. The leading search engine company, wants to deliver relevant contents top our mobile browsers faster than before. Social media sites together with other online publishers are now part of the AMP Project also known as Accelerated Mobile Page Project.

Moreover, Google also wishes to make reading thru mobile faster and way stress-free. As a result the AMP Project is created. Through this open source web effort, netizens may find an online experience in mobile like picnic of canape where you get all the good stuff in one tasteful bite of information online.

AMP works like this: when you browse for something using Google with your phone, the result will automatically shows up at the top of the screen. This is, we believe the fastest result that is going to be delivered by Google for mobile browsers yet. See the images below, courtesy of Search Engine Land.

This online initiative brings enthusiasm to every netizen who regularly engage the internet with their mobile browsers. As part of the groundbreaking SEO community, Local Top Rank will give you the newest updates on the AMP Project so you may get the freshest portions of it.

Pinterest Gone Global With The Help Of Their New Local Search

Howdy mates! Just recently our favored visual discovery network, Pinterest, improved their local search in order to custom fit every searches for everyones specific locations. They shall be initiating this localization to countries that are speaking French, Portuguese, German, and Japanese.

They invite the netizens to go ahead and dig-in into their buffet of creativeness, unlimited display of photos, and their bottomless pool of artistic substance. The visual discovery network announced tht their localized search results so Pinners globally may have a more tailor fit user experience. Especially now that they have over a hundred million active users, for them through this online effort they shall be able to preserve them.

Through the launching of their new search update, Pinterest will therefore support results so it may synergize better with the specific language that Pinners are using in their location. Pinterest’s algorithm has been adjusted so they may be able to manifest their contents according to the native language of specific Pinners. With these changes netizens and Pinners will get to enjoy relevant posts.

Local Top Rank agrees with the importance of the updates made by the visual discovery network company as well as their importance as a social media platform to our clientele, so in response to their efforts we shall provide a comprehensive about Pinterest and their very exciting offers for the future.

Improve On-Page SEO by Focusing Above the Fold

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has substantiated over the years to be a subtle and fluid career. As Google and other search engines are frequently changing their algorithms, the industry often contains more ambiguities than it does have tangible answers. Many things have transformed almost fully since the early days of SEO. However, irrespective of how the industry has evolved over the years, one development has stayed the same: algorithms are getting smarter and search engines are getting better at indexing content built for users.

SEO is still the number one go-to resource for webmasters looking to improve website’s organic traffic. Yet, in all the analysis, calculation and choosing the right of keywords, H1 and H2 tags, algorithms, site load speed, page contents, etc., it is easy to forget about the human beings behind all of this. The correct solution is to  learn how to improve on-page SEO by optimizing for users and also  focusing above the fold (a term used by webmasters and website owners to mean the portion of your site which can be shown when first entering the site without scrolling down at all)

Here are several measures of user experience you can use to test your own website and see how well you do:
1. Fast load time
2. Placing the desired information “above the fold
3. Easy and responsive site navigation
4. Limit pop-ups
5. A mobile-friendly website is critical
6. Create wildly informative and engaging content

Full story at Want Better SEO Results? Focus Above the Fold! via Business2community

The Magic Of The New Google 3-Pack Arrives

The Magic Behind Googles 3 Pack

Just recently Google performed a major systemic update on their local business search results. Before, Google used to produce 7 search results after typing a keyword or a keyword phrase. Yet, the latest change has reduced these results to only three. It is expected that business owners would be concerned especially those that have ranked 4th-7th in Google’s first page that got kicked out of the list. But through this post let us tell you how this update will bring profitability more profitability to businesses than expected.

What Does The Change Offer?

There are numerous of reasons why Google resulted to change their 7-pack strategy into its current results of 3. One of the reasons is that those on numbers 4 to 7 do not get the clicked that often. And another possible reason is that the look and the feel of the 3-pack system on mobile, it fits perfectly on mobile devices, yet Google has not released an official statement about it.

So Your Business Got Kicked Out?

We know that there are negative effects in relation to the number of calls that businesses received as well as potential leads/customers that were previously listed on the first page of Google’s search results that has now disappeared, but what we implore you is to view the positive side of this update.

  1. More clicks. This update has detached the contact information of businesses on their 3-pack update. Just take a look at the image below:

  2. Google More Clicks

    Note how the phone numbers are not revealed? Plus, the earlier results show a business card or extract upon clicking one of the search results. That was removed from the first page as well. This means three things in refining your click rate.

    • Viewers would need to click more to get the phone number of the business that they are interested in. Clicking one of the ads would not show up the snippet as we’ve already mentioned, but would lead to a new search page that shows 20 results. Hence, it gives any one a better chance of being part of the search results on this new page and getting noticed.
    • The results get swapped agreeing to the searcher’s location. This means that even if your business is not part of the original seven results, it has a better opportunity of showing up on the top three now if your business is the closest to the searcher.
    • The fewer results give more space for the organic results to show up. Researches show that a lot of people still preferred organic results over the local search result. Apparently the public still value the organic over the others for fear of businesses that produce low quality service but spend on paid ads, as well as empty Google + profiles. Note how Google + links were removed as well?

  3. More trust. As mentioned above, there have been trust issues concerning Google local business search results in the past. This is also a valuable insight as to why the change was made. Therefore, Google is working hard to yield quality results coming from dependable local businesses. In line with this, office hours and customer reviews play a more valuable role in the game now. So, if you are a business owner regularly creating quality work, products, or services to your clients then this change should give you nothing to worry about!
  4. More profit. Finally, one of the good things that come with the update is the changes that didn’t come with it. It has absolutely no effect on current SEO. You don’t have to do any adjustments. You don’t have to worry about anything. Everything stays the way it is, except for the format change. So you continue the way you run things – now what? Expect for the superfluous revenue that comes with the additional online exposure that your business will have.

It’s true that the real results of this change is too early to measure for now, but if there is one thing that we can promise you of, it is that we will always keep you updated with the latest SEO news, and that working with Local Top Rank’s SEO experts will guarantee your business website’s top rank on search results no matter how many Google updates come into fruition.

Local Top Rank Made Mobile-Ready Website Possible

We Are Ready For A Mobile-Ready Website!

Google made an announcement that they will be favoring websites that are mobile-ready in their rankings. This fact was brought upon by the results of research pertaining that most sales done online and offline are made by customers who browsed the internet about the product through their mobile web search prior to finally purchasing items. It is not surprising since many digital gadgets let online users to stay connected online wherever they are. Therefore, in response to the needs of online users, websites that allows visitors to easily access them through portable digital devices are being encouraging more website developers to create mobile ready-websites.

Mobile Friendly Website

Answering the demands for mobile website optimization, Local Top Rank launched one of their innovative services yet. For $29.99 per month your website will become mobile-ready.

Through this, business owners who are looking to utilize the great World Wide Web to maximize profits may now enjoy Local Top Rank’s latest service. Local Top Rank is now offering mobile packages. This Package includes a mobile website with five to seven pages, customized logos from their expert graphic team to further your website’s appeal, image gallery, mobile coupon, online, sign up form, QR codes, and an hour of training so you may be able to understand better the how-to of your website. And if the website’s pages are not enough, clients may request for extra pages for an additional charge or better yet upgrade to a Premium Mobile Package that allows unlimited web pages as well as a sound online marketing strategy.

Local Top Rank 101: Things You Need To Know About Us

Local Top Rank is an SEO company that offers Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Mobile Web Optimization. Our goal is to improve your business’ online presence as you focus on what’s important: Your Business.

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We value our obligation to our clients, so we make sure to give them a personalized experience. We love working together with our clients, keeping all our communication lines open, to obtain more information about their preferences. From the information they deliver, our experts construct the necessary strategies needed to provide the specific results that clients need.

In nurturing the best business relationship we have with our clients, we integrate the virtues of integrity, respect, passion, and trust – which are all embedded in everything that we accomplish with them.

The quality of our works are sustained because our team of professionals functioning as a single unit, each one imparting creative inputs in formulating the best and most competitive strategies that shall yield nothing but our client’s goals.

What Local Top Rank Do

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services that we offer will ensure that your website will rank high on top search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing! On the other hand our Social Media Marketing techniques and Mobile Web Optimization services sees to it that your visitors are always pouring in, while you are enjoying their online stay – No matter the device they might be using!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the finest way of growing online visitors in a website. It is made up of diverse but coordinated techniques in the website coding and content so the site can easily be searched and ranked by different search engines, while being spared from the high costs of pay-per-click advertising.

Local Top Rank’s Social Media and Mobile Optimization

Digital devices nowadays allow online users to bring the online world and social media closer to them anywhere. It let mobile users to get connected with anyone, anytime. Local Top Rank can allow business owners to get closer to their target market 24/7 by invading the billions of social media users always online through social media marketing – and allowing all these people to access sites the convenient way, through portable gadgets!

Local Top Rank aims to be yours and/or your business’ launching pad towards the peak of success so you may create ground breaking innovations in your own trade. Through Our services we want to give you the competitive edge that you sorely deserve. With the cooperation of our team of SEO experts, we will work with you round-the-clock. We are lightning efficient, consistent, and reliable.

For more detailed information about our website packages, feel free to visit our Pricing page. 

Humans Behind Artificial Intelligence, Through Facebook’s M

Humans Behind Artificial Intelligence, Through Facebook’s M

Facebook the leading social media platform online announced the launching of their digital assistant, M last August 26, 2015. This AI will exist within the Messenger application of Facebook, it is expected to answer inquiries, provide information and perform tasks that users require.

M VS. Siri And Cortana
It is expected that M is going to face tons of comparison with other AI’s in the online community like Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft). The ability of Siri includes managing messages (e.g. SMS, email, etc.), fixing schedules, and information searches.On the other hand Microsoft’s Cortana is PC based, and from there it helps users to search for files and arrange your calendar.

What Makes M Unique?

The following features sets M  apart from its artificial intelligence competition:

  • M is not 100% artificial, it is aided by customer support entities known as “M Trainers”. According to David Marcus, the head of Facebook’s Messenger application; M is powered by artificial intelligence that is equipped and trained and managed by live human support. Its goal is to further improve M’s automated capacity as the system grow through time. 

Facebook endeavors to go the extra mile from digital assistants’ common limitations that cover reliance on the limited facts that users feed them, and its obstacle of performing complicated tasks. Giving real individuals to assist M, users can lay back and let the AI execute its tasks on their behalf, just like completing online purchases, settle bills online, and accomplish projects.

  • M do not respond to voice commands. It is programmed however, to respond to chat in order to simulate the experience of chatting to a friend through Messenger.
  • M doesn’t have a Gender, Unlike its competitor that performs as a female assistant, Facebook didn’t set a gender for M. 

How Do You Use M?
The First step is you must download the Messenger App. Facebook said that Google is the first destination when performing tasks and searching stuff online, with M they want to do the same through Messenger. Presently, for M to perform certain tasks through smartphones and other portable electronic devices, you need to download numerous applications first. But Messenger is seeking to be the only primary destination for all your online needs through M.

After installing it, the M button will automatically appear at the bottom portion of the Messenger application. All you need is to tap it, and you can already chat with it and it will do the job for you.

What Does The Future Holds For M?
M is still on beta testing and is available to limited users along the Bay Area, however time will come when M is accessible to all Messenger users. Furthermore, M is still not utilizing the Facebook account of users online and it is limited to the input you are applying when you interact with it, through the help of the M trainer that supports it.

The only thing that we can expect for M is for it to be assimilated to our Facebook accounts in the future, with our consent to give out personal information to the application. Hopefully, our information will be utilized wisely, and that M proves itself to be the finest digital assistant that Facebook wants for it to become.

Finally, the potential of M for business owners should not be underestimated- Once it expands and becomes successful according to Facebook’s forecast it to be, the opportunity for M to partner up with businesses could possibly be open in the future. Especially, just recently Facebook earned their newest breakthrough of having 1 billion users a day.  Local Top Rank will be in tune for M’s updates and we’ll definitely inform you of its progress.