Beware Black Hat SEO! SAPE and Other Deceitful Web Masters Being Penalized.

Sape Back From The Grave

There are rumors going around that the underground linking network SAPE is back and Google is once again, sweeping them to the gutters of lower rank pages. There are numerous black hat SEO discussions about websites using deceitful SEO techniques being gravely penalized. Their once stratospheric high rankings are now mud low.

Fishing Out SAPE Or Penguin Hunting Spree

This incident has already happened before, to those who still remember, way back in March 2013. The underground linking network then quietly reestablished the whole year last year, and is said to be now back – but Google also waited for them patiently with a quick response to their comeback. Google though is not releasing any official statements, so we are really not sure whether they are especially targeting SAPE, or if the drastic drop in rankings of certain websites is an after effect of Penguin’s efficiency.

Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure, as SEO specialists, or as professionals working in this competitive industry, there might be some quick yet dirty techniques that can boost our rankings automatically but you have been forewarned: these rankings would not last. Hence, if you really want a sure boost, it is still better to start from scratch with clean links and hard work. It is definitely more rewarding and the result is long-term. Nothing beats healthy linking and quality content – no matter how much competition there is!