Bing Launched Their Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

Bing declared recently the début of their mobile-friendly testing tool - Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool; exactly one year after Google rolled out theirs. The mobile-friendly testing tool was assured by Bing to be launched during May of this year, while they were affirming that they are also creating their own mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. On the other hand due to its technicality it was anticipated that the launching of the tool may be delayed.
Additionally, the Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool assesses a wide-ranging page checking system wherein it inspect if a website is mobile friendly founded on its: zoom control structure, viewport standardization, width of its content, usage of plug-ins that aren’t attuned for mobile browsers, link spacing, and the readability of text. Even though Bing hasn’t officially publicized the rolling out of their mobile-friendly algorithm, it is still expected to come in the near future.
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