Three Primary Causes Why Google Favors Responsive Sites

Nowadays our major search engine is gradually improving the netizens online experience. Recently we can observe that desktop browser is also starting to phase out its dominance online as it make way for the most frequently used mobile browser. But of course, desktop browsers are still there, however the attention that the search engine company is giving into it is not that much compared to its younger sibling the mobile browser. Presently, Google is checking the mobile responsiveness of websites based on their search results through different mobile devices with their respective mobile browsers.
This online effort performed by Google is an important insight to all web developers today so they may create websites as well as turn the current websites that they are supporting into a more universally responsive environment for the convenience of the netizens both in mobile and desktop. There are three causes why they have been motivated in making this mobile movement :
#1: Creation Of Mobile Responsive Websites.
Google wants to call out websites that are utilizing Flash and allow virtually appealing websites that are also mobile responsive to take over. In response to that Google will therefore reward mobile responsive websites by increasing their ranking in their search results through mobile and desktop browsers.
#2: Web Developers Must Update Websites As Well As Support The Modern iFrame Embed Method For Videos.
Google implores web developers to update the websites that they are supporting to be updated in accordance to the new iframe embed methods being their standards in applying videos. Being part of Google’s guidelines they want websites to avoid contents that are making use of Flash Players which have repeatedly proven a bother for mobile browsers.
#3: Comfortable User Experience.
Lastly, Google wants to make the netizens more at ease while browsing using their portable digital devices and smartphones particularly to those that have bigger fingers than others. For them websites needs to place links far from each other for an easier tapping.
Local Top Rank is consummates in the creation of mobile responsive websites, and in support to the mobile movement initiated by Google we will make sure that what we are applying to the websites that we are creating are up to the guidelines set-up by the search engine company for the assurance of more online presence to our clientele’s websites.